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The BODI project made its mission to explore and understand how cultural diversity appears in the lives of pre-primary schoolteachers, children and parents. Through our research we have identified “sensitive zones” where teachers and parents may meet challenges to navigate the waves of diversity such as health, eating, manners, gender and sexuality, religion, parenting style and discipline, racism, acculturation.

We have developed activities that help us address these issues with the parents in simple, friendly ways.

We have created and tested activities for 3-4 and 5-6 years old children to start learning together about these questions while playing.

Now we’re inviting you to our final conference in Barcelona, for three days to share with you all that we have learnt and developed. You can come whether you are a teacher, parent or school director, if you’re interested in how we can make diversity a value added. Come if you’re a convinced interculturalist, come if you are in doubt. We offer you a space of collaborative and interactive learning.

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